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If you are not much of a techy then downloading something could be a task for you but you have nothing to worry about now. At How do I download, you can find all the drivers, operating systems, software, extensions, antiviruses, Office suites, and individual Office apps, accounting programs and so much more that too in one place.

Our Services

If you just bought a new printer or a laptop, you will be required to download a set of drivers or new software for it to function smoothly. That is where ‘How do I download’ comes to your rescue.

No matter which brand you are using or which software you want to install, ‘How do I download’ is the solution to all your download related issues.

The services that we offer are:


Congratulations on your new printer! Now that you have a printer, you will be required to install the specific drivers as well and that is where we come to your aid.

You can find all the important drivers for not only your printer but other devices as well. If you are not sure about the driver which will be compatible with the printer then don’t worry as we will get you with the same.


There might be times when you will be required to use an extension. You might know the purpose that you want the desired extension to serve but unsure about the right one.

You will be delighted to know that you have made your way to the portal that has all the possible extensions be it for Firefox, Safari, Chrome browser, or any other browser. From VPN to page add ons, you are going to find everything here.

Operating systems

You are going to find all the operating systems on our portal that are Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, Unix, Fedora, FreeBSD to name a few. Look for the operating system that you want to download and just click to get started.

If you get stuck somewhere then you can consult the self-help guides and if you require technical assistance then don’t think twice before getting in touch with an expert here.


There is no denying the fact that software is an integral part of our life now especially when everyone is constantly on their laptops/desktops. If you are required to download any software like Antivirus, Office Suite, email program, financial management tool or any other then how do I download is the place to be! Simply enter what you need in the search bar and download it in a snap.

24x7 Support from the experts

If you are working on something late at night and require immediate assistance then you don’t have to wait till morning for it. We have a team of experts who are available round the clock because we can’t avoid the error that you face but we can surely help you fix it.

Feel free to either talk to our virtual representative or schedule a call back or ring our support number. No matter what the time or issue is, we are always here to help and guide you in the best way possible.