Avast Antivirus Download To Keep Your PC Secure And Private

In the internet world, anti-virus software is indispensable to defense against harmful programs that can erase your important files and bring other destructive results to your computer. Avast is an award-winning program that you can get free online to get your system secured from virus threats. Hence, in terms of virus protection, this program is sufficient. Though, it begins a comprehensive health check that claims to leverage the world’s largest threat-detection network.

Therefore, if you just bought a new PC and want to lock it down from threats simply get Avast Free Antivirus Download and install it in your Windows system.

The role of the Avast antivirus program is, it generally scans your PC for security and performance issues and then informs you how to fix the things in a short period of time.

Download Avast Antivirus: Easy To Install And Effortless To Use

Here you will be learned the right way to download and install the Avast Free antivirus program on your Windows or Mac computer, as well as on Android or tablet. However, Avast is not yet available for the iPhone or iPad. Although, note one important point in your mind that Avast is free for only 30 days, so once the trial-period gets over, you will be prompted to buy a subscription. Go through the guidelines instructed underneath to download the antivirus program without any kind of obstruction. Let’s begin to follow the provided steps:

Download Avast Antivirus On Desktop Or Mac Computer

  • Open Avast’s website in your browser
  • Click the “Download Free Antivirus” tab which will take you to the download page where Avast will select the correct file for your computer
  • When Download Avast For Mac, you will see the “Free Download” button. Click the “Download Now” tab which is in green present near the top of the page.
  • Wait for Avast to begin downloading as after a while the setup file will start downloading automatically
  • If the downloading process doesn't start after 30 seconds, tap the ‘restart it here’ link in the middle of the page to download.
  • Open the Avast setup file once it gets downloaded completely. Double-click the Avast EXE file (Windows) or the Avast DMG file (Mac). This will open the setup window.
  • By default, the downloaded setup file is been stored in your computer's “Download” folder.
  • Follow the prompts to install Avast Free Antivirus For Windows. This process varies depending on what operating device you have:
  • On Windows: Click “Yes” when prompted, then place a click on the green “Install” button, and then after tap "Continue" twice simultaneously when the installation is complete.
  • On Mac: Double-click the "Avast Security" box icon, then click "Continue" twice, and click "Agree" when prompted. Click "Continue" again and enter your admin password (if asked), then click “Install Software”. You may have to verify the installation before finish Avast installation.
  • Give double-click on the Avast icon to open it on your Windows Desktop. Alternatively, you can click the “Start” menu and type ‘Avast’ into the search field, then click the “Avast Free Antivirus” app icon in the Start menu.
  • On Mac, open a new “Finder” window, tap the “Go” button in the menu bar at the top and then click “Applications” in the drop-down menu. Then double-tap on the “Avast” app.
  • Click the Status tab which is in the upper-left corner of the Avast window.
  • On Mac, click the “Scan” tab
  • Tap the “Run Smart Scan” options display in the green button is in the middle of the Avast window. Doing this, Avast will begin scanning your PC for malware, viruses, and other threats.
  • On Mac, click “Start” to the right of the "Full System Scan" heading.
  • Wait for the scan to complete. The scanning process may take several times as it scans your whole computer to detect malware functions. Once it searches any threats, immediately it will remove them from your system. Hence, you can then be assured that your computer is free from malware.

Avast Internet Security Download On Android

  • Open the Google Play Store by tapping the “Google Play Store” icon on your Android phone.
  • Type “Avast Antivirus” in the search bar which is at the top of the screen.
  • Doing so a list of results will appear in the drop-down menu below the search bar
  • Tap Avast Antivirus. It's the top result in the drop-down menu, just right behind the orange Avast app icon
  • Click the “Install” button
  • “Accept” when prompted. Doing so will begin the Avast antivirus app to install on your Android. Wait for a couple of minutes as it is relatively small so only takes few seconds to be installed. Obtain Avast Tech Support if the program fails to install and function on the Windows system
  • Open the Avast app on your phone
  • Click the “Get Started” button from the bottom of the screen
  • Click “Start With Basic Security”. Doing so will choose a free version of the Avast app, allowing you to move ahead with using Avast
  • Then, click the “Scan” button at the top of the screen. Avast will begin scanning your Android phone for any viruses or threats
  • Wait for the scan to complete. This may take several minutes to an hour. After scanning they remove the threats if it encounters on your Android and then after your smartphone is free from viruses
  • You may be prompted to take additional action once the scan completes

Avast Antivirus Free Download For Windows 10 To Safeguard

Avast is the most trustable free antivirus software strongly compatible with Windows 10. In terms of protection and secureness of your Windows 10 PC, the Avast antivirus program is the best choice. Once you have Avast Antivirus Free Download For Windows 10, you will get around the world, around the clock protection at a high rate. Your Windows 10 system will never go at risk as Avast application secures not only your PC but your entire home network too. However, it comes with advanced features from time to time so to utilize them, it is very important to upgrade the version of your Avast antivirus program.

Scan & Remove Virus From PC With Avast Antivirus Update

To avail of all the updated benefits and services provided by Avast, it is required to get Avast Antivirus Update in your system. So, once you have an Avast antivirus program in your Windows or Mac Operating system, you need to check it for updates. What you should exactly do for this is:

  • Restart your computer first
  • Open Avast User Interface, from the top-right corner, go to the “Settings” tab
  • Then, find the option “Update” over there
  • In the update section, find ‘Program’ and click on “Update”. Avast will now examine to see if there iA positive response should give you the output ‘Program: Already up to date (current version XX.X.XXXX)’ any update available for such a program
  • A positive response should give you the output ‘Program: Already up to date (current version XX.X.XXXX)’

Check Your Avast Antivirus Update Settings

  • In the same update window, you will find drop-down settings below the Update button. You have to just tap on the “Settings” button and make sure you have an “Automatic update” checked.
  • Doing the above will keep your Avast version automatically updated to the latest one available for your compatible computer system. It is most obvious that this particular feature however requires an Internet connection.

The Key Features Of Avast Internet Security Program

Except for iPhone and iPad Avast Support all operating devices, whether it be your Windows system, Mac OS, or your Android Phone. Being the trustful and free available program, it has also astonishing features that are very helpful in securing the device. The key benefits that you may obtain when downloading/installing the Avast Antivirus program are:

Wide-range of Protection: Avast are constantly updating their features & services, so your computer will get protected against the latest spyware, viruses, and potentially hazardous websites. Avast’s large and active community straightaway alerts the development team of new security threats that are suddenly countered and added to Avast’s significant database. The browser add-on further improves computer security with features like cookie and social tracking blocking.

Speed: Avast Free Antivirus comes with an enhanced scanning option, based on depth and speed. A quick scan will suffice in targeting removable media and the files you select, identifying security threats in the limited time of interval. A startup scan will launch automatically on boot up and is urgent for regular security check.

Smart Scan: Search for all the affected files or programs which allow malware to slip in, from unsafe settings and passwords to suspicious add-ons and out-of-date program.

Browser Cleanup: Eradicate annoying browser toolbars or extensions, and restore your hijacked search browser.

Get Remote Assistance Through Avast Support Number

In the above guide, you see the download process of Avast antivirus is a piece of cake; it delivers the quick assurance of virus and malware detection and resolution and offers numerous different amazing capabilities to lock down your PC from every angle. While some of the free versions felt intrusive and that’s why there is 24/7 Avast Customer Support to get the help in order to fix your problems in no time. The platform is packed with functionality in such a glossy UI that you almost want the app to find flaws to keep you clicking and securing the system.